Our Company

Welcome to the Lewis Wayne Gallery of art and collectibles, established by Jim Halperin and Robert Dennis, who manages Jim’s collections.

While Jim Halperin is primarily known as part owner of Heritage Auctions and science fiction novelist, he is also a very dedicated collector. His personal website, JHalpe.com, showcases many of his prized possessions.

Jim acquires his items from all of the major (and many of the minor) auction houses, as well as on eBay (username jhalpe) and from many like-minded collectors. As is the case with most collectors, his collection is constantly in a state of flux – adding several pieces here, selling several pieces there, depending on the circumstances of the piece. Lewis Wayne Gallery is his venue for selling most of those pieces, both on eBay and via LewisWayneGallery.com.

If you have any questions about a particular piece, please contact Claudia Almaraz, at Lewis@LewisWayneGallery.com or call 972-898-5476.


P.S.   Jim is always interested in purchasing or trading for items that fit his collecting interests, and will often buy entire collections to obtain items he wants. If you know of a major collection, we’ll gladly pay you a finder's fee for an introduction that results in a transaction.