WEIRD TALES Vol 39 #3 Jan 1946 - Fritz LEIBER NICE COPY

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WEIRD TALES Vol. 39 #3

WEIRD TALES Vol. 39 #3 - January 1946

We will be listing hundreds of these Weird Tales pulps in the coming months.

Cover and interior art by A. R. Tilburne. Interior art by Boris Dolgov and Fred Humiston.

Interior story contents courtesy of Miskatonic University Library

Kurban..........Seabury Quinn
     Like Pharoah's necromancers, he could cast his rod upon the earth and it became a live, hissing serpent.

Short Stories:
All the Time in the World..........Charles King
     The mass of bloated flesh that could be formed into different shapes by kneading with the fingers - was me!
Chariots of San Fernando..........Malcolm Jameson
     There are many unsolved mysteries in this strange world of ours - like the bizarre adventures at the Amazon's headwaters!
The Diversions of Mme. Gamorra..........Harold Lawlor
     What, pray, would people be life if they were reduced to their lowest common denominator?
Mr. Bauer and the Atoms..........Fritz Leiber
     If a person suddenly becomes radio active, with all that energy inside his body...
Pikeman..........August Derleth
     The tombstone warned "Prepare for death and follow me!"
Satan's Phonograph..........Robert Bloch
     Have you ever heard of a recording machine so delicate that it captures the human soul?
Seed..........Jack Snow
     How thin is the veneer of modern learning.  And how little it take to shake one's faith!
Sin's Doorway..........Manly Wade Wellman
     A soul is free to enter heaven if its burden of sin is borne by a living person.

Recapture..........H. P. Lovecraft

Articles and Features:
The Eyrie and the Weird Tales Club
Superstitions and Taboos..........Irwin J. Weill 

fine/very fine - 96 page count complete. Supple creamy pages. Small piece missing from the bottom edge of the back cover. two 1/4" tears at the bottom edge of the back cover. One interior page has a 1" tear at the top edge. Check scans for other apparent cover and spine defects.

Bookery's Guide to Pulps 2005 Fine value = $40

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Please contact if you require any additional information about this item.

Please contact if you require any additional information about this piece.