WEIRD TALES Vol 39 #4 March 1946 - Ray BRADBURY

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WEIRD TALES Vol. 39 #4

WEIRD TALES Vol. 39 #4 - March 1946

We will be listing hundreds of these Weird Tales pulps in the coming months.

Cover art by Lee Brown Coye. Interior art by Boris Dolgov, Fred Humiston, and A. R. Tilburne.

Interior story contents courtesy of Miskatonic University Library

The Man in Crescent Terrace..........Seabury Quinn
     The thing used its spear like a woman testing cake with a broomstraw - only the "cake" was a human!
Twice Cursed..........Manly Wade Wellman
     Do you know of those who are afraid of memory shadows and those who never fear the devil except on a dark night?

Short Stories:
The Bogey Man Will Get You..........Robert Bloch
     That was what was nice about him - the mystery, the not knowing...
Chanu..........Jim Kjelgaard
     Look closely at his cultured face and you will discern to your amazement a snarling mouth and great fangs.
Dead Man's Shoes..........August Derleth [as Stephen Grendon]
     Those who are stricken with that curious and terrible hallucination should be thankful - for it warns of something far more terrible.
The Jonah..........Emil Petaja
     Remember the "Marie Celeste"?  Here's an explanation for that and other sea mysteries that could not be explained!
The Traveller..........Ray Bradbury
     A strange family, with no real life to any of them!
Tunnel Terror..........Allison V. Harding
     Strange things can happen in a vehicular tube - especially when the tunnel goes places it isn't supposed to!

Forgetful Hour..........Yetza Gillespie
Tree Woman..........Dorothy Quick

Superstitions and Taboos.....Irwin J. Weill

very good - 96 page count complete. Supple light tan pages. 2.5" tear wrapped around the spine from the front cover to the back cover. There is a 1/2" tear at the bottom of the front cover which has been taped on the inside. Two tears at the bottom of the back cover are tapped on the inside. Check scans for other apparent cover and spine defects.

Bookery's Guide to Pulps 2005 Very Good value = $20

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