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THE INCREDIBLE HULK (1978 - 1982) was based on the Marvel Comics character. The series starred Bill Bixby as Dr. David Banner, a scientist who, when he becomes enraged, transforms into a hulking green giant. Similar to The Fugitive, Banner was constantly on the move, and his arrival in a new town each week usually signalled a new adventure. Appearances by the Hulk, played by bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, were usually limited to a few minutes per episode, and the series played more as a straight drama than a superhero adventure series.

TV MOVIE (FIRST PILOT) (orig. air date: 11-4-77) David Banner, a physician and scientist, is haunted by the death of his wife whom he couldn't save in a car accident. While he is researching the hidden immense strength of all humans he discovers that super-human strength can be related to solar flares. In a dangerous experiment, he gives himself a dose of gamma radiation. However the dosage is accidentally set too high. Now under circumstances of extreme emotional stress such as anger, fear, rage, pain or frustration he transforms into a rampaging beast know as "The Incredible Hulk."

This is an original (NOT a COPY) script for the original television film The Hulk which served as the first pilot for the series. This script was is on 8.5" x 11" paper and is in great condition; there is an outer cover, but nothing is printed on it.

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