WEIRD TALES Vol 16 #1 July 1930 ROBERT E. HOWARD Skulls

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WEIRD TALES Vol. 16 #1

WEIRD TALES Vol. 16 #1 July 1930

We will be listing hundreds of these Weird Tales pulps in the coming months.

Cover and Interior art by C. C. Senf. Interior art by DOAK.

Interior story contents courtesy of Miskatonic University Library

Serials/Complete Novels:
Earthworms of Karma [Part 1 of 3]..........Lon Dexter
     A three-part serial story about a trip to Mars and the strange adventures on that planet.
The Moon of Skulls [Part 2 of a 2 part classic Solomon Kane story]..........Robert E. Howard
     An adventurous story of mystery and horror in the nightmare valley of Negari - a tale of a mad people.

Short Stories:
The Black Druid..........Frank Belknap Long
     A short tale that compresses a world of cosmic horror in its few pages.
A Child's Dream of a Star..........Charles Dickens [Weird Story Reprint]
     At night the child dreamed of the star, and the vision comforted him all through life.
Sadastor..........Clark Ashton Smith
     A prose poem of unutterable beauty - an interplanetary story that is different from any you have ever read.

Short Fiction:
The Bagheeta..........Val Lewton
     A fascinating tale of the Caucasus Mountains and a curious superstition about a were-leopard.
The Bride of Dewer..........Seabury Quinn 
     This story of the goblin huntsman of the Northis the weirdest story yet writtien about Jules de Grandin.
Dead Man's Fingers..........Harold Simpson
     As the woman fled through the night, she knew that her husband would hold her in death as he had done in life.
The Death Lord..........Edmond Hamilton
     All life in Chicago was blotted out by a viralent plague - a story of a bacterialologists lust for power.
The Green Flame..........Donald Wandrei
     A brief story about a living jewel that glowed with a bright green flame.
The Haunted Wood of Adoure..........Elliot O'Donnell
     It was the ghost of the living and not of the dead that tormented the French executioner.
The Man Who Walked Upon the Air..........Charles Hilan Craig
     The aviator had a weird experience, and on its heels followed realization of the truth.
The Ruling Passion..........C. Henry
     The head master of the school insisted that his orders be obeyed even in death.

Night Terror..........Sarah Henderson Hay

Articles and Features:
The Eyrie
     A chat with the readers

good - 144 page count complete. Pages are tanned but remain supple. The front cover has a 1" split at the bottom of the spine. There is a 1" piece of tape at the top edge of the front inside cover. Check scans for other apparent defects

Bookery's Guide to Pulps 2005 Very Good value = $150

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Please contact if you require any additional information about this piece.